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Get Involved – Building Strength

Get Involved

Organize a Local Event

The best way to generate community involvement and awareness is to put on an event in your area.  If you’re interested in organizing an awareness or fundraising event, we have lots of resources to assist you.

I Want to Host an Event

Get the Word Out

Nemaline Myopathy is considered to be one of the most devastating childhood muscle diseases but it gets far too little attention.  Spread the word on social media, volunteer at events, and let everyone know that NM is out there and, with scientific research, can be treated.

Get the Word Out

Donate Now to Fund Critical Research

Every dollar you donate helps fund critical research that can provide answers and treatments for Nemaline Myopathy.  It takes money to attract and support scientists and graduate students as they do their essential work.

Donate Now

Join the Muscle Disease Registry

CMDIR (Congenital Muscle Disease International Registry) is a registry for families and affected individuals with a congenital myopathy or dystrophy.  Please register and help give scientists the data and tools they need to perform necessary and important research.

Register Now