AFBS was featured in the Spring issue of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Newsletter, celebrating the support from AFBS in advancing Nemaline Myopathy research. The Machado family joined together with A Foundation Building Strength (AFBS) to contribute $1.2 million to Brigham, specifically to aid the work of Vandana Gupta, PhD, a longtime NM investigator in the hospital’s Division of Genetics Research.

Developing therapies for genetic diseases like NM requires years of research – and very limited funding is available for this early-stage drug development. Such generous support from A Foundation Building Strength and the Machado family greatly propels early lab discoveries toward improved treatment options for patients.

Dr. Vandana Gupta

Dr. Gupta is focusing on developing NM therapies by screening existing FDA-approved drugs for possible effectiveness in treating the disorder, and by creating and testing gene replacement approaches in the lab – important work that will pave the way for clinical trial to test promising treatments in patients.

Like researchers searching for a cure, we parents have to be resilient, we never stop fighting, and we go through trial and error. I’m really excited to be part of this work and grateful for what A Foundation Building Strength has been doing for so many years.

Leticia Machado

Read the entire article on page 14 of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Spring Issue.

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