The AFBS community is filled with inspiring stories of resilience and strength. Today, we shine a light on Erica Redinbo, a mother running the 2024 Boston Marathon in honor of her daughter Kinsley, who bravely battled Nemaline Myopathy (NM).

Erica describes Kinsley as the “strongest person I’ve ever known,” even though NM took her physical strength. Determined to support Kinsley in every way possible, Erica found a passion for running— a passion she believes Kinsley would have shared if not for the limitations of NM.

Erica runs in memory of her daughter Kinsley.

Following Kinsley’s passing in 2018, Erica has channeled her grief into action. Every mile she runs is a tribute to her daughter’s spirit. In 2019, she completed her first marathon in Kinsley’s memory as a member of the AFBS NYC Marathon Team, followed by another in 2022.


This year, Erica takes her dedication a step further. Selected for the prestigious Miles for Miracles team, she’ll be pounding the pavement at the Boston Marathon on April 15th. Her mission? To raise $15,000 in support of crucial NM research at the Beggs Laboratory at Boston Children’s Hospital.

The Beggs Lab, currently funded by AFBS, holds the world’s foremost data and specimen bank for NM patients. This invaluable resource is key to unlocking new NM genes and developing effective treatments. Erica’s fundraising efforts will directly contribute to expanding the lab’s biobank program, accelerating research breakthroughs.


Erica’s journey is more than just a personal quest. By supporting her, you’ll be contributing to a brighter future for people battling NM worldwide. Inspired by Erica’s story? Make a difference today!

Visit Erica’s fundraising page to donate and help her reach her goal. Together, we can turn heartbreak into hope for families facing the challenges of Nemaline Myopathy.

From the entire AFBS community, we wish Erica the very best of luck in the Boston Marathon!

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