A Diagnosis, A Fear, A New Path

Enilton Neymakes Morais isn’t letting Nemaline Myopathy (NM) clip his wings. The 35-year-old Brazilian from Valente-Bahia speaks five languages and dreams of traveling the world, a testament to his adventurous spirit. His diagnosis came through a muscle biopsy, and it was met with a heavy dose of fear. “I was afraid because a doctor said I wouldn’t be able to walk for a long time,” Enilton remembers.

But Enilton isn’t one to back down from a challenge. For those newly diagnosed with NM, his advice is golden. “You have to look for more information as I did, especially if you live in a place that lacks good professionals to give you support,” he emphasizes, drawing from his own experience in a small Brazilian town.

Embracing Limitations, Expanding Horizons

Living with NM means understanding its limitations. “I’m not able to lift weights, play soccer or play other sports that I wish I could,” Enilton says. He doesn’t require assistive devices for daily living, but the condition does have an impact.

However, Enilton focuses on the positive. “I am not able to play sports and do some activities with my friends but on the other hand I use this time at home to learn new things,” he explains. That passion for learning has turned him into a polyglot, with Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, German, and Italian under his belt. His ultimate dream? Traveling the world, a goal he believes in wholeheartedly.

Language, Travel, and the Pursuit of Dreams

Enilton’s passions fuel his resilience and inspire him to push himself. “My passion is travel, I love to study about the countries and their cultures,” he says. And his talent for languages is a constant source of satisfaction. “I try to walk as much as I can and sometimes I go to the gym,” he adds, staying active whenever possible.

Finding Strength in Perspective

When negativity creeps in, he finds solace in keeping perspective. “Sometimes I feel sad because I have NM and there is no cure, but I thank God that even with NM I am able to do many things that other people can’t. So I stay positive and try to achieve my goals and realize my dreams,” he says.

A Hopeful Future

The future holds hope for a treatment, a prospect that would bring immense joy. “Every day I pray for God that a treatment might come one day.”

Enilton’s story is one of courage and the power of dreams. Despite the challenges of NM, he embraces life with an open mind and a kind heart. His determination to live his life to the fullest is an inspiration to all who meet him.

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